Sometimes You Want To Be That Person with The Car Alarm Going Off Because You Know it’s Doing its Job

There are many ways to protect your vehicle and these are increasingly important due to the high number of car thefts. These are on the increase and thieves are using more sophisticated equipment and techniques to gain entry. This means that basic actions to prevent theft are often not sufficient.

If you live or work in London, your car is particularly at risk and that risk becomes even greater if you have a high-value, prestige vehicle or any other model that is popular with thieves. Fitting an alarm is therefore essential but you need to ensure that you choose one that is particularly effective.

Choosing the Most Suitable Alarms

Various types of alarms are available, the main categories being:

  1. Perimeter or Shock Alarms. The former detect unauthorised entry to the vehicle via the doors or the car bonnet and also protect audio and other equipment. This type of car alarm fitting is often found on newer cars and works by scanning the area around the vehicle for activity. False alarms are usually avoided by only activating the alarm if an object or person is really close to the car.Shock alarms detect any impact on your vehicle, such as a window being broken or a door being forced. If the settings are too sensitive, you may get false alarms when people accidentally brush against the car.Some alarms may also have tilt sensors and so will detect if the car is being illegally towed away.
  2. Passive or Active Alarms. The former are more common and activate automatically when a car’s engine is turned off and the doors are locked. The alarm is then deactivated when the doors are unlocked.An active alarm has to be specifically activated by pressing a button and then deactivated to avoid triggering the alarm before you open the doors. The problem with this type is that you may forget to set the alarm and leave the vehicle open to attack.
  3. Audible and Silent Alarms. Audible alarms are by far the most common and will sound a loud alarm and often flash the car’s lights. They are very familiar to most people but will often be ignored by passers-by due to the frequent occurrence of false alarms. They will, however, tend to deter thieves who like to work undisturbed and don’t relish the attention that these alarms can bring.Silent alarms have no obvious indication when they’re activated but instead send an alert to the car owner or, possibly, to a central security station. In this way, the thieves can be caught in the act, detained and prevented from committing further crimes. The alert can be directed to your phone but clearly it may not be a good idea to tackle the thieves yourself because you risk injury.

In addition to car alarms, there are immobilisers that don’t give off any warning, either audible or silent but are very effective at preventing a car from being stolen. An immobiliser will prevent a car from being driven away by an unauthorised person who has broken into the vehicle or doesn’t have the correct key. These devices are often fitted as standard on new vehicles but can be identified by thieves and deactivated so the car can then be stolen.

You can also fit a GPS tracker that is very effective at preventing car thefts since it enables the car’s location to be identified at any time. Thieves know that a tracker increases the chances of them being caught and the car being recovered so they are less likely to steal a vehicle that has one fitted.

Alarms, ghost immobilisers and trackers are generally supplied with stickers that you can attach to the windows of your car. These inform the potential thieves that the car Is adequately protected and that the task of stealing it is much more difficult. As a result, they will usually ignore the car and move on to something easier.

Employing Comprehensive Security

The danger that car thieves pose means that you must take adequate steps to protect your vehicle. That means fitting:

  • a Thatcham-approved car alarm installation that effectively deters thieves
  • a car ghost 2 immobiliser that they can’t detect or deactivate and which can only be activated and deactivated by the driver
  • a tracker that will enable the car to be recovered if it is stolen.

To be really secure, multiple deterrents are often necessary, particularly in large cities such as London where the threat is greatest. We can provide you with a comprehensive package that will keep your car safe, possibly reduce your insurance premiums and give you peace of mind, all in a cost-effective manner. Get in touch today and we’ll advise what is best for you and fit the most suitable alarm system.



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