Is Your Car Meant for the Car Thieft-gaze?

Many thieves looking to steal a car will focus on high end, high value and recent models that are in demand for resale or for spare parts. Clearly, a car that doesn’t fit into this category is less likely to be attractive to thieves although you really want a car of your own choice rather than one that’s less likely to be stolen. In this case, you need to make it less attractive to thieves.

Many thieves are opportunistic and so will focus on cars that seem most vulnerable. Other thieves, however, are more professional and possess sophisticated equipment and techniques that they use to steal cars. You need to be able to combat both types and there are a number of ways you can do this.

1. Park Safely

To a thief, cars are more vulnerable if they’re parked in badly lit areas where there are few people about since gives them the best chance to work undisturbed. The best and safest place to park your car is in a locked garage since it is not visible to potential thieves and is more difficult to access. When this is not possible, choose a place that is busy, well-lit and, if using a public car park, choose one that also has CCTV, security staff and height restrictions.

2. Hide your Valuables

Never leave clothes, bags or other possessions on car seats when the vehicle is unattended since these will attract casual thieves who can steal them quickly and easily. Your insurance policy may not cover personal possessions, so you’ll have to pay for replacements yourself. Plus, you’ll have the task of getting a broken window replaced.

3. Protect your Keys

Thieves often get around the problem of extra car security by simply stealing the keys so don’t leave them where they can be seen. It’s not uncommon for thieves to sneak in through an open door and take keys that are easy to find. Sometimes they also hook keys through a letterbox so always make sure they’re well out of the way and not visible.

Professional thieves also have electronic devices that jam the signal from your key fob to prevent you from locking the doors. Always check your car is properly locked before you leave it unattended, locking it manually if necessary.

Electronic devices are also used to intercept and capture the signal used to open and start cars that have keyless entry, enabling the thieves to drive the car away. Protect your keys by keeping them well away from the car when not in use and putting them in a Faraday Bag, a protective pouch that blocks the signal.

4. Visible Identification for your Car

By etching the vehicle identification and registration numbers onto the car’s windows, you make it easier to identify and recover if stolen. This also deters thieves because the car can be more easily traced.

5. Improve the Immobiliser

Although most modern cars have an immobiliser fitted, a better one such as the Ghost 2 immobiliser will give far superior protection. This device is impossible to find and disable by thieves and so makes the car much more difficult to steal.

6. Fit an Alarm

The noise of a car alarm installation will attract unwanted attention that will tend to stop thieves from stealing a car. If it’s obvious an alarm is fitted, they probably won’t even bother.

7. Install a GPS Tracker

A sticker that warns a tracker is fitted may deter thieves from attempting to steal your car. They know that the location can be tracked while they have it, making it more likely they’ll be caught and the car will be recovered.

8. Fit a Steering Wheel Lock

This is a tried and trusted method that’s been around for a long time but is still popular. This is because it’s highly effective and is visible so warns off potential thieves.

9. Be Alert

Thieves depend on carelessness, so you need to be aware of their activities and try to counter them. Apart from ensuring your car is locked, make sure the parking brake is on so it’s more difficult to tow away. Reversing into a parking spot also helps to combat this, as does turning your wheels to one side.

Avoiding Cost and Inconvenience

Car theft is on the increase, up by an estimated 26% last year, so you’re more in danger than ever, especially in a city like London. The risk is even greater if you have one of the cars that is most targeted so you need to be proactive.

The cost to you of a stolen car can be extremely high, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover everything so it’s important you check the level of cover. Even then, a claim will be frustrating and stressful, taking a lot of your time and you’re likely to pay a higher premium when you next renew.

To avoid all the problems, ensure you protect your car as well as you possibly can. We can help you to do that so contact us without delay.



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